Since his return to the music arena in 2009, Bruce Thomas has performed nearly 2000 shows in hundreds of venues in the mid-Atlantic region. As a baritone singer, Bruce can effortlessly move through the musical categories. Imagine a Michael Buble’ or Frank Sinatra with the gymnastics and vocal agility of Al Jarreau and the soulfulness of Gregory Porter. Bruce can make it smooth and sultry or crank it up full throttle to pop, jazz, Latin and funk.

Bruce’s stage presence is relaxed, commanding, fun and engaging, so that he is able to entertain and delight many diverse audiences. After covering over 400 songs, Bruce is now writing and performing original songs. His first single, “Hollywood” is on most of the digital distribution platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, etc. His second, just released single “So Fine” fuses the elements of pop, Latin,  and R&B with some light hip hop.

Bruce Thomas was first placed on stage at the age of three. Over the years, his vocal style has been influenced by artists: Ralph Thomas (his father), Al Jarreau, Frank Sinatra, Al Green, and Miles Davis. As a baritone, his vocal style is infused with verve, energy, and   charismatic personality that draws enthusiasm and interactive participation from his audiences. 

A native of Frederick, Maryland, Bruce grew up in the Washington, DC suburbs, where after graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park, with a B.S. in Microbiology, he began singing at jazz clubs in the Washington, DC and Baltimore areas. Not only a singer, songwriter and musician, Bruce was a New York City based actor/model and has appeared in Hollywood feature films, national commercials, soap operas, Off Broadway stage theater, and prime time television shows. He is also an international filmmaker and just recently his short film “Lorrenzo Long” won Silver at the Bangladesh short film festival. His talents have given him exposure and allowed him to work with icons and legends like: Bill Cosby, Isaac Hayes, Yaphet Kotto, Jody Foster, Nicolas Cage, Wendell Pierce, Spike Lee, Denzel Washington, and Bridget Fonda - to name a few. With a black belt in Karate, he was also a bodyguard for Muhammad Ali. Bruce Thomas has been featured in the Baltimore Magazine, Maryland Gazette, the Baltimore Sun, Bay Weekly, and Channel 11 News.

With the passing of his father, who strongly encouraged Bruce to build a career as a vocalist, his musical hiatus ended in 2009. Bruce began singing jazz in the jazz clubs, cafe's, and restaurants in the Baltimore area. At the same time, Bruce became the lead singer of The Traveling Heart Show from 2010 - 2014 run by Ted Zlatin, featuring early jazz music. From their tour de force performances, the group was billed as the Circus Soleil of 50+ audiences and received write ups in the Baltimore Magazine, Beacon Magazine, and were featured on WBAL News. The group had over 200 performances. During that time, Bruce also produced a CD titled: Classics and Standards.

Bruce started singing solo when there were numerous requests of him to expand his jazz repertoire to include popular music. Obliging the demand, Bruce Thomas' performances grew to the point where he had to make the decision of becoming a full time musician. He made that move at the end of 2014 and has never looked back. Since 2014 Bruce has performed over 1600 shows solo and with his band in the mid-Atlantic region. 

Bruce Thomas is growing into his own sound and style. Bruce's performances have been described as 'lightning in a bottle' and he is regularly compared to the greats. His goal is to continue to write, record and perform music. His mission has always been to bring joy into peoples' lives through music all over the world.